where online can you get prada??

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. and at good prices?

  2. thanks...
  3. Also Net a Porter (for Miu Miu).
  4. does anyone have an idea which one is cheaper or more expensive??
  5. Raffaello Network is more expensive than the other stores. The rest I think are around the same price. I would just pick out the bag you want and then check all locations to see which is cheaper.
  6. Bluefly.com is also a discounted web based store. Just don't try to look for one on eBay especially for prada bags. There's so many fake prada bags on eBay since it's easier to copy them than other bags.
  7. yea ebay is absolutley horriblE!!
  8. Ann's Fabulous Finds carries some pre-owned Prada's.
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