Where on you face do you apply highlighting

  1. powder. I am using NARS Albatross and am not sure if I am putting it on the right place. I see pix of girls with beautiful highlighted cheeks and would like to create the same look. Thanks for input!
  2. Put it on your cheekbones, on your nose, and jawline.
  3. thanks so much!
  4. From what I've learned you highlight
    1) right above the cheekbone, under the outside of your eyes,
    2) The bridge of your nose and your forehead (becareful you don't highlight too much here, it can look like you got greasy t zone.)
    3) Also the outer ends of your brows: right underneath and just over the tip.

    From experience, highlighting the lower cheek can make your face look larger.
  5. ^ I highlight my browbone with cream eyeshadow. I don't think highlighting powder is for that, is it?
  6. I think you could use it both ways, priiin. It's sort of like a shimmery eyeshadow, I guess! Hopefully you can, 'cause that's what I do LOL. And BTW, I have Nars Albatross too!
  7. Thanks, I didn't know that. :yes:
  8. Oribtal bone, which is the highest point on your cheek close to your eye (where you feel that bone!). Blend back to the hairline in the direction of your temple. If you wish, you can put on brow bone, right underneath your eyebrow. That gives height to your eye and opens them up.
  9. wow, thanks for all the great advice, truly appreciate it!
  10. Good advice from the posters up there.

    To open your eyes and make them pop, apply A TINY bit to the inner AND outer corners of your eyes. LIGHTLY dab it there.

    Also, you can apply it at the top of your cupid's bow and the temples. Makes you glow!!!
  11. the cheekbone, under you eyebrow and as VOGUE just said, the inside of your eyes!!