Where On A Noe ....

  1. where on a noe would you heatstamp?on the handle perhaps?
  2. yup. or you can get a luggage tag thing for it. :p
  3. Yeah, maybe just a handle... although it might look kinda funny. But eh... whatevs. To each his own. :amuse:
  4. I would be inclined to just leave it as is, but hey, as John said "to each his own"

  5. me too, too many horror stories of them doing it wrong

  6. I agree, a luggage tag would look really great hanging from a Noe and you could have it done on the luggage tag!
  7. great idea!! i like the luggage tag better, i really do not want to ruin her.thank you:tup:
  8. hmmm... luggage tag is a nice! idea!
  9. You could initialize towards the bottom of the strap with your initials, but you would probably be better off buying the luggage tag. You could then use the luggage tag with several of your bags! Not sure how much a luggage tag costs but I think it's under $50 USD. Anyone know for sure?
  10. I would get a luggage tag and hang it off of it. Or a groom key chain.