Where Oh Where Is This Chanel Bag??

  1. oh girls, today while working at Nordstom touting the fragrance line, in walks a Chanel bag the likes of which I have never seen...remember my story when i was new on here in November, about my experience with the silver Cruise Coco Cabas with the ribbonish logo trim around the chain handle part of it, the bag being so huge that when I held it over my shoulder, i looked like a purse with feet? (I returned it) Well, the purse I saw today was the same line but a BOWLER, with a big CC stitched into each side..............i tried to contain myself and sauntered calmly (or, calmly for me, when faced with the intrigue of a Chanel i havent seen before) and quizzed her mother about where she got her baby. She said TORONTO! Jayne and other ladies from Canada, are you familiar with Chanel stores up there? I shall call international information for the number...but is there more than one store, outside of Toronto??? She couldnt have gotten it before Nov....of '06, so perhaps one is still to be had..
    This bag was amazing, just the right size, a little bigger than the Luxe Luxury Bowler, but same style................

    my plane, i mean, plan (sorry Penny :roflmfao: ) , is to maybe exchange my Luxe Bronze which still has the tags on, for this...am i nuts do you think? this is more faddy but i want a silver bag............:nuts:

    oh, and also, then, a vinyl Coco Cabas pranced through my department and I smiled at her owner in the manner of two lucky co-conspirators who have both found the King's treasure....Then, omg, i see that HER bag has feet! I complimented a fake Coco Cabas!!!! ewwwwoooooiiw
  2. You're kidding right? :lol: I am very familiar. I visit quite often! :yes:

    This lady sounds like a snowbird who is lucky enough to winter in warmer climes!

    I'm not quite sure what bag you are talking about. Do you have any kind of picture that resembles this bag? We don't really get anything out of the ordinary here. The States always gets more bags, and a better selection too.

    I can PM you the two phone numbers if you like.
  3. Claudia,
    Do you mean feet on that Cabas like the silver feet on the bottom of some Chanel bags? A fake Cabas with feet??????? For real???????
    I would be shaken by the sight of that. I have the silver lux bowler and love it. Go ahead and find your newly sighted bag in silver and take the bronze bowler back. Silver is such a lovely color to own.
  4. claudia--i am not from canada like jayne, and i don't own a denim plane bag like penny, but i can tell you that your stories always make me smile....keep em coming!:p
  5. ::snickering mischieviously: yep Penny, sure enough, when i spied the bag's feet, i was slightly horrified, not only by the fact that the bag had appendages that should have not been there, but her owner passed her off like the real thing! It was like a mother android passing off her baby alien like a human baby...............geeez, it was ghastly! yeah, if this silver cannot be located, i shall exchange my bronze for a silver if one exists in the company (Saks) Do you have the bright silver or the muted shade?
    Jayne i would love the phone numbers! I wish i had a pic..but i .do not...:sad:
    yes i guess she was a snowbird.....or maybe was just vacationing in Toronto.....

    Mick...:;smile:: awwwww.....i honestly don't know where this weird sense of humor comes from, but i can tell you that my entire family is like this so maybe its genetic :supacool: i shall keep the stories coming! lol
  6. I sent you a PM! :smile: