Where, Oh Where is....The Skull and Bones Keychain

  1. Has anyone seen this item in the factory stores? I am assuming that it is out already but if not, would anyone care to share a release date??? Cause I still have a little punk in me and this would be my only post-high school vice in this direction!!!!:graucho:
  2. The skull charm has been out for a while..in fact, I think it's pretty much sold out. I have one, but I don't remember the style # on it. If someone else knows the style # you can try calling Coach Customer Service and ask them if they have any left in the warehouse.

    In fact, you can probably call them without the style number, just ask them for the skull charm.
  3. They briefly appeared back on the website about a week or so ago, and my SA told me they were only showing 48. They were gone quick. I was told they were completely sold out and weren't expecting any more.
  4. I really really want one too. I'm hoping I'll find one that isn't ridiculous on eBay.
  5. I think if they are selling out on the website and in stores, there will be very few in the outlets.

    I did not see any at the store on Friday when I was there.
  6. ^Yeah, I don't think it ever had a chance to make it to the outlets, once people found out about it it was too popular.
  7. I had them check the computer for me at the boutique today and I had them check the other day and both times they said sold out and unable to be ordered. boo
  8. Ditto what everyone else said...I was told they were sold out over a month ago. They have been on eBay very sporadically.