where oh WHERE is my pochette??? AHHHHH!!!

  1. from what you guys have said, if let trade sends out an item by thursday, you should get it by monday. i've been tracking my new-to-me black epi pochette via the EMS tracking site in the email let trade sent me, and it hasn't changed since 28th. just says, arrived at delivery office and is being processed. so i've been checking every day since last thursday, anxiously awaiting it. i still haven't gotten it. just a few minutes ago, i was sharing my befuddlement with my SO, and he - with all his international shipping/delivery experience - informs me that i need to use that tracking number to track it via USPS, because apparently once it arrives in the US, EMS is now USPS?? wtf??!?!?! :cursing: how was i supposed to know that?? did you guys know that?? so i use the tracking number on USPS site, and apparently they attempted to deliver it on sunday, left a notice, and tried again, even though i never got any notices! now it's 5 days later, and supposedly after 5 days they will send it back to sender....tomorrow is the 6th day, i'm going to wake up at 7 and call my post office.

    anyway, sorry for the rant - i'm so frustrated! i just wanted to let you guys know about this EMS/USPS tracking thing, because i certaintly did not know, and would be totally screwed over if i didn't happen to mention it to someone who knew....
  2. I send packages to my family using EMS through USPS. Sometime the tracking number does not even come through and really is very frustrating. Sounds strange that the website stated "attempted delivery" and you did not receive a delivery notice. Hope you get your Epi Pochette tomorrow without further delay.
  3. Both systems should still be updated regardless if its arrived in the US from HK.

    Just call the PO tomorrow morning with the tracking # and they'll get someone to deliver it again!

    hope everything works out fine.
  4. Call USPS and give them the tracking number. Find out what happened. Also double check with Let-trrade to make sure the address they gave was yours.
  5. I wouldn't worry - I had a bag shipped from New Zealand and the tracking number from their postal service turned into a DHL tracking - I checked it 1 day later and it had said it had an attempted delivery, even though I hadn't received a notice. 2 days later it arrived -I asked the DHL guy and he said he hadn't been by prior to this delivery, the system gets confused when it changes carriers...
  6. wow thanks for mentioning this! i'm waiting for a pap from let trade and I had no idea about the tracking number!