Where oh Where is my Multipli?????

  1. Just when I decided on the Multipli-cite for my CCD tote (I teach Catholic education classes for 5th graders!!) there is not one on eBay, which I can't believe, nor on let-trade, nor on Ann's!
    I want to get a used, as I know it will get packed with lots of "stuff" and treated less gently than my other bags!
    Does anyone know any other sites to check????
    Oh well, as usual, I want what I want when I want it!! Lol!:hysteric:
  2. Check Fashionphile on eBay also... she doesn't have one right now, but she's a fantastic seller.
  3. What about Eluxury? Sucks to pay full price, but it is nice to get a BRAND spankin new one!
  4. Have you tried emailing let-trade to ask if they've any in their inventory? I've done that before and they will put it right on their site for you. They seem to have a lot of inventory but don't have time/room for it on their site. You can also ask that they post a special BIN auction just for you. Good luck!
  5. Thanks bunches, IHeart!!! I missed those! Checking out one with the "experts" You're a sweetie!:tup:
    Oh, and I'm gonna email Let-trade...tho worried about those darn mothballs.....

  6. definitely check fashionphile, let-trade, Timelesslv or rebecalou28 on ebay.