where oh where can i find a slim agenda?

  1. I sold my beautiful coach agenda because it was too delicate for my life. but i need a slimmer one with a week to week type of thing. any suggestions?
  2. Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton - depends on how much you want spend...Otherwise visit the Franklin Covey store...I am sure you will find something there!
  3. Hey passerby! Loving the coin purse! Added a little chain to it as well to make it even more versatile, and get so many compliments on it.

    As for the agenda, I'd like it to be fun and chic. My office supplies plain leather ones like that that are classy, but usually my taste in bags are simple, and then its my accessories that jazz it up, so I thought I'd make the interior pop with a fun agenda.
  4. Here is my Hermes GM in cyclamen (veau mirroir). It comes in a range of delicious colors!
    g3.jpg g4.jpg g5.jpg g6.jpg 3939.jpg
  5. i'm using LV panda medium organizer! it's really great, i think the suhali, groom and multicolore agenda are fabs too :yes: