Where, Oh Where, are the Argent SGH Days???

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  1. Ok, maybe this isn't worthy of it's own thread :shame:, but I am going :hysteric: waiting for the Argent SGH Days to come in!!!

    Has anyone purchased any Argent with the SGH yet? If so, please post your pics so I can live vicariously through you :graucho:!!
  2. I agree I want to see one of these bad boys as well!! Bring on the pics :WooHoo:
  3. OMG I am dying for one of these, too!!!! I would love to see pics if anyone has one already!
  4. I think i might have seen this bag yesterday at Cult Status ... Argent being dove grey? They had some gorgeous bags in ... sorry couldnt provide pics ... you could email them and ask ... ?
  5. I am waiting for mine from BalNY too but it is not in yet.:sad:
  6. No one has any Argent SGH styles to post :sad:?

    I would love to see pics of any style to satisfy my craving until the Days arrive...pretty please :flowers:...and I would also really love some modeling pics :graucho:!
  7. BalNY had the argent with SGH in the part-time and work yesterday.... It's really pretty but didn't look good with my coloring
  8. [​IMG]this?
  9. I have the City in Dove without the covered hardware. I am new here so I don't know how to post pictures. The color is delicious. I get compliments on it all the time. I'm glad I didn't get the covered one because the color needs the contrast of the hardware.
  10. Here's my argent GSH in the PT style. The color is gorgeous! It's a beautiful light grey color and I get so many compliments on it.

  11. i completely love this colour!!! i'm waiting a work and i am so excited the day is going to look gorgeous to!