Where o' where is my PCE Event card?

  1. Where o' where can it be????

    I tried to pry the info out of my favorite SA. She wouldn't give it up, but she did take my order for when it comes around. I am having a hysterectomy on the 14th. If the event is on the 17th, I'll still be in the hospital. I could never tell my husband what I'm spending on the 3 Legacy Satchels I'm getting (white, whiskey or brown, and black)!!!

    If there is a pre-sale, do we get the bags the week before, or is it still the week after?

  2. I decided to just ask my favorite SA if she thought I might be getting a PCE card (based on what Ms. Whitney & Sprinkles have said here about just talking to your SA about it). It sounds like if I don't get one in the mail, she will know from a list that they get, and she will call me to come in and pick up a card because they have some they can give out. I think it was a manager that was with her when I asked because the other woman knew a lot about it and said it would be no problem for me to get a card. I told them I was asking because I was looking at buying 3 purses, but was holding off in case I could get them at a discount. :smile:
  3. Eh i never get one because i don't have a store near me :sad: i don't think Macys and such care what you spend on coach items....thats a damn shame too....i spend way too much. Good luck to all you girls though.
  4. oh good luck with the hysterectomy! I'm sure they will be here before the 14th ... is there anyone besides your husband you can entrust your CC and event card with? :biggrin: or just tell your husband you need a huge get well gift.

    I think it's still the presale before and you get your bags after.
  5. With the presale items, you still don't get them until it's time for the actual event. Going into the store early to place your order just keeps the items from selling out before you place your order, that's about it. I did that once. I went in early because I was going on vacation when the actual event was taking place. I placed the order early, and then they shipped the items to me later after the event started.

    Oh and good luck with the surgery. :smile:
  6. just remembered one more thing - I was told the Watercolor Totes would not be part of the PCE.
  7. Good luck with your surgery and you are going to love the white. That's the one I have!
  8. Thank you for all of the luck. I keep saying that I'll do anything to get out of going to work!!

    If you are able to, can you please post a picture of your white satchel? I can't wait to see it in person!
  9. the watercolor isnt part of the PCE??? why not??? grr i wanted to get the demi and the wedges with my card!
  10. I'll bet you anything this question has been anwsered, but I feel icky and don't want to look through them right now....:shame: If I get my fav SA to hook me up with a PCE, does that ONLY apply to products in the store, or will it be for both in store and bags that need to be ordered?
  11. ;)
  12. Do you guys think it will come this week?? I mean if the event is next friday, dont they usually give them out a week or more ahead of time. I'm just getting a little antsy here.:nuts:
  13. My store does not get the legacy items so I cannot apply the coupon to an order item because they do not carry them as well as shoes?
  14. My store doesn't carry Legacy either and they told me I could order the Ali with the PCE.
  15. Whew....I am glad of that and I guess I can get a pair of shoes maybe too since they do not carry them. Now I got the big part over...I wonder if they will let me order ergo? I will have to my SA tomorrow.