Where NOT to wear a LV handbag?

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  1. Is there a place where you would not take you beloved LV bag? It could be for whatever reason: practicality, security, noisy friends, family, etc.
    For example, I would never take it to a nail or hair salon. I have seen many accidents with nail polish or hair dye. The vachetta would be a magnet for any nail polish.

    Where would you not wear a LV bag?
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  2. I don't take my LV or any other luxe bags to the hair salon. I have the option to lock my bag in a little cabinet at the salon, but I usually just want to be handsfree (card case, phone, keys). I also never take my luxe bags to concerts. We see a ton of live shows, and I don't need some drunken fool (yes, even at the symphony!) spilling anything on my bags! I don't wear nice shoes to shows, either, as my toes frequently get stepped on. :smile:
  3. All great points!
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  4. "Noisy friends"? I don't get why that would be an issue. :confused1:
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  5. True, I don’t take mine to concerts either, everything can happen there. Also, last time I went they demanded us to use a transparent bag.

    It could be an issue, I had a friend that thought my bags where fake, but one day discovered they were authentic. She started giving me comments like “why do you buy something so expensive?” “Just get a fake, it’s the same thing” “how much?” So I decided to stop using my LV bags around her.
  6. Oh you mean “nosy.” Ok, yes that can be annoying.
  7. Yes, sadly I can’t edit the first post
  8. There is no where I wouldn't take my LV bags. I don't see the point of buying a bag that I couldn't feel comfortable carrying anywhere I wanted to. Obviously if a concert required a clear bag, I couldn't carry my LV's, but couldn't and wouldn't are too different things. As far as the response from the person who had a friend asking about buying expensive bags, I'd replace the friend not the bag... LOL There are so many options for refurbishing vachetta leather that you should not feel stifled with enjoying your bag. I've recently seen U-tube videos where people have stained the vachetta leather pink, red and even black. I just bought a LV flower zipped tote in black, so I could see staining the handles on my other LV's if that was what I wanted to do. I just saw an article where a 22 year old speedy was refurbished, it looked amazing. https://www.lollipuff.com/blog/223/how-to-refurbish-a-louis-vuitton-bag#comment-start=end I hope the link is helpful.
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  9. I wear my LV bags everywhere. Nail salon, hair salon, concerts, and amusement parks. I have different bags for different occasions- I wouldn’t wear my Twist to DisneyWorld. If you fear vachetta, get a bag without it. I only have 2 vachetta bags now, I am definitely moving away from it.
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  10. I'd rather drop the friend than the bag. I don't have time for those people. If they rather be nosy with the way I dress and what I wear than focusing on the actual friendship, they can kiss my designer a$$.
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  11. Soup kitchen volunteer night.
    When performing live in concert.
    Bluegrass festival.
    Ballpark, seated jammed in with sloppy beer drinkers.

    I can think of dozens of places, actually.
  12. Good conversation question!

    My daughter plays travel softball and I never take my LV bags to practices, games or tournaments. e. I have a couple longchamps that are perfect for the ball park or sometimes a nike drawstring backpack.
    I do not "not take" my bags because of any other reason other than wanting to take care of them and not worry. At the ballpark, I am always walking around, going to restroom, snack bar, etc and i don't want to carry my bag all day and not worry about it sitting in the wagon.
  13. Volunteering. When I'm going to be in a sketchy area by my place since the homeless people are incredibly aggressive around there.
  14. i'm with you, i don't have a place that i don't carry my bags but i've built up a varied-style collection in the last 15+ years. For sporting events or concerts I take my Ebene Favorite MM that i can wear across my body or my small Mono Beverly that has the short shoulder strap which i've looped through the belt loop on my jeans to ensure the bag stays with me.
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  15. I am a volunteer counselor two days a week. I would never take an LV bag there, it's just not appropriate in that setting.
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