Where my STREET has a name.......

  1. FINALLY after all the wait ...she has arrived:yahoo: She is so light and now I have to figure out what to wear with her???
    10.5.07 014.jpg 10.5.07 019.jpg 10.5.07 024.jpg
  2. Congrats!! It's so fun, do u plan to use it for work or casual? I'd wear some solid colors and let the Street do the talk, kwim? Love ur Vernis :heart: too! :yahoo:
  3. AAAhhhhh! :nuts: :yahoo: :graucho: OMG! You got it! I'm so glad. I know you've been waiting for a while. Congrats!!! Please, do model it.
  4. that a cutey. i see the LVoe charm dangling from it too!! yes, please model and congrats!!
  5. Thanks ... It is sooo light and it will just be a casual bag for me...I got the heart/love only to place on the street:p
  6. NICE!!!! love, love, love the gold street! congrats!!! :smile:
  7. Cute, congrats!
  8. Yahoo! You've received it! Congrats :smile:
    I would use mine even for work too :p...

    I'm so envious of all of you who got your Cirrus and Street PM already! Here I am again whining about waiting for my turn:girlsigh:
  9. Haha I can't use her for work .... I am STILL waiting for the stratus pm here too:rolleyes: We are receiving s/s items really late this season:confused1:
  10. i LoVe it!!!! much better than the Mirrors and its 100% leather. i think it will go with earthy-neutral tones perfectly. congrats S! :wlae:
  11. I really like this color! Congrats!
  12. Yay :yahoo: - so glad she finally arrived for you.
    I love it with the pomme heart , it sets off the red LV print nicely.
  13. WOOOHOoo!! Congrats!!! Glad that she finally arrived:love: Love Love Love IT! Love the LVOE charms too:heart:
  14. Congratulations!
  15. oh wow! She is soo pretty! Didnt expect her to look like that! It looks like snake skin! She looks like a great size, modelling pics?!