Where Koobas Go To Die


Dec 29, 2008
So I was checking kooba.com's sale section and they took down about half of the purses. The funny thing is that I looked at it yesterday and there were still a ton of colors available in a lot of bag types, so I'm curious as to why would they take the purses down. Most of the purses that were taken down have been languishing in the sale section for months.

Assuming they still have inventory at their warehouse, do these bags go to sample sales, discounters, other big box stores so Kooba can lighten their inventory? Maybe a giant bonfire out back? I'm just thinking it'd be nice to know if we should keep our eyes peeled for these mysteriously disappearing bags.

Or it could just be wishful thinking that I'd be able to score a Jacinda or Mattie tote for a pittance :rolleyes:


Hardware Junkie
Apr 20, 2007
I would imagine some are going to discounters and private sale places such as Ideeli and Rue La La, the latter having just had a Kooba boutique about a month ago. I would definitely keep an eye out!