Where K-Fed spent his Thanksgiving...

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  1. No child support? Heck, I wouldn't let the guy take a step inside my house unless he was doing his fatherly responsibility including financial support.
  2. OMGGGGGGGGGGG i know that gurl in the white top and blonde hair.......wth hahahahahahahhahahha
  3. Hahahah How Random^
  4. Whey Shar even wants to talk or see that loser baffles me
  5. awww..thats kinda sweet..

    i mean, britney is just off making herself look like a dumb$#@ and spent Thanksgiving with Paris Hilton atleast Kfed spent it with his family. I dont think Shar ever stopped loving him.
  6. At least he spent it with some of his kids...
  7. hmm .. i feeel that there is a bad intention beyond this action..

    OT:lv1011 that girl has damn bloody boobs :roflmfao:
  8. haha i cant get over it LMAO

    shes friends with my bf's group of friends in OC, CA

    her boobs are real.....so funny....
  9. Cute babies!
  10. Shar needs an intervention.

    Hey bchleo are you really Leo? Me too! Aug 18 :biggrin:
  11. i dont like either of them.
  12. gotta admit that k-fed's kids are adorable, even though i can't stand him.
  13. No, sorry, LOL. I registered late at night and had a little wine in me, so I misspelled "Chloe". :P
  14. Is Shar Jackson just plain stupid??? :noggin: Seriously!!!

    He doesn't pay child support, but he's a great father???