Where I've been ....

  1. I feel so out of it tpf-wise -- have not had much time to read/post lately so this is just a shout out to the wonderful WONDERFUL people I've met here since I joined and the ones I haven't met yet :smile:
    I've been: at the US Open, and saw Federer play -- that was fun!, adopting a shelter kitty who definitely has special needs (vet visit #2 tomorrow), jury duty (just two days, didn't get picked, criminal trials -- law and order up close is something else and very very sad, actually -- too many hollow point bullets in the world and who uses a motor vehicle as a deadly weapon ??), working more as the fall season is upon us -- last chance to buy that house and move in before the holidays coming up (well, you have to have a handbag budget, right?), dealing with major dental issues (not over -- and I am a scaredy cat dentist person -- subplot, there goes the fall handbag budget!)
    Sorry for the all purpose post -- but my wrists are ready to fall off.
  2. hey Jenskar

    US OPen and adopting a kitty! sounds exciting! i'm so glad you adopted the kitty. that's great.

    Keep working on the house goal - it's great to be able to finally buy a place ... i feel like i'm never going to be able to buy a place in NYC. prices are just crazy. URGH

    good luck with the dental problem.... i'm really scared of dentists as well ... i hope your problems gets solved as painlessly and quickly as possible! :heart: Bubbles
  3. You saw Federer? :drool: Which match? Is he as cute in person as on television? Heehee.

    Congrats on your kitty, and best wishes to you!
  4. Wow!
    You have been busy!
    How neat that you went to the US Open! BF had some tickets and gave them to his employees because we came back to MN.
    Keep us posted on how your kitty is doing!
  5. I loved reading your update! Sounds like life, actually! Composed of big and little dramas, some happy, some sobering. How sweet of you to adopt shelter kitty, she/he is probably glad to have a home now.
  6. Hi Bubble -- how have you been? The house part wasn't clear -- I'm a realtor. "Last chance, etc" is what I'm thinking when I take my buyers out this time of year :smile: You're right, the city is expensive -- but then we could live near LA or SanFran. That is actually worse.

    fab -- we went Labor Day evening -- he actually lost a set. Watching him adjust to whatever someone throws at him is pretty awesome.

    g8 - you're back in MN? Permanently? Nice to "see" you.

    Flora -- sweet and insane as the kitty was abandoned for a reason. We are trying to teach her to use a litter pan. I'll put details in animaliscious and a picture later -- oh what a saga ! Cats owners are really spoiled -- we expect our pets to be pretty maintenance free most of the time !! You're right -- it does sound like life :smile: