Where it it made?

  1. I know that LVs are made in France, Spain or Italy. Well, at least those are the only countries I know that they came from.

    One thing I would really like to know is where the leather and other materials come from. Does anyone has any idea?

    This question came to my head today cos I just receive a package from my favourite crystal shop. I had a rude shock to see a label under the box that says "MADE IN CHINA"! WTF! :cursing: I bought an Austrian assessory not a Chinese! No offence to the Chinese but I don't support sweat shops and unfair trade! I rang the customer service and found out that the crystals are from Austria but the assessory is esemble in China.... :yucky:

    Therefore, I really like to know where Louis leather came from... I'm sorry if I'm just being a pain.

    So, anyone?
  2. There´s been pondering of this on the forum in many threads. I don´t know the real answer. Maybe try e-mailing Louis Vuitton customer service?
  3. Yea, Nola. I'm going to ask them about it. It just freaks me out and I can't get over it!
  4. lv is also made in usa. My bag says made in usa
  5. Yes of course, but her question was; where are the leather and materials made?
  6. oh dee dee dee lol. I know where the handbags are made, but i get the question now hmmmm. Thats actually a good question.
  7. Sorry about the confusing title.... Maybe it it should be where the materials come from?.... or somethign else. I'm still trying to get over my "made in china" purchase.... can't think straight. I can return it but I love it too much to do that but... it's made in china!!!
  8. hmmmmm so your bag says made in china?? I would return it because that sounds kind of fishy to me.
  9. No. The crystal head band that I purchase over the internet is made in china. Not any bag.

    It just made me wonder about other things that I bought that I'd assume that are made in France/Spain/Italy/where ever... but they are in one way or another came from China... Maybe LV use China leather or Indian leather to make their bags. God knows.... But since they are assemble in France/Italy/Spain/USA, they label it as "MADE IN FRANCE/SPAIN..."
  10. omg lol ok. I dunno. Yeah i'd probably call and ask lv directly

  11. You are funny... :smile: Here I am freaking out for nothing.... I'll get over it soon. But if I found out that LV uses materials from China or India.. or other countries that do not practice fair trade, I won't buy another LV even thought I love my sweet sweet Louis very much....:sad: