Where is yours made?

Where is your multi Pochette made?

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Oct 26, 2010
Hey multi Pochette owners:smile:

Can you tell me where yours is made? I’m curious to see the % of where they come from:smile:


Apr 20, 2020
This is my third purchase of the MPA and I just received the third one two days ago. The first one was MIF but had bad stitching on the back of the mini pochette, and the second was MIU but had severely bad scratches on both of the clasps of the mini pochette so had to return that one as well and the logos weren’t as opaque as my other bags. But this third one was MIU and had better stitching and no scratches.

Not sure what’s going on with quality control, but having the same issue with the PSM! Just purchased a fourth PSM and hoping that one is a winner :doh:
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