Where is your style located?


Jul 2, 2006
I Love London!
I travel alot for work, I pick up one or two nice pieces here and there but ultimately my wardrobe consists entirely of styles and items from London and NYC.

How about you?


Nov 7, 2007
Well, since I'm in New Zealand the cost of imports is rather high, because we're rather far from everything else - except Australia. Therefore, I usually go for the New Zealand designer stuff (Untouched World, Zambesi, Cutler and Co., etc.) with a little bit of Italian, French and American fashion thrown in - when I can grab an exceptional deal on it.

My style would be defined as luxury-casual; as I tend to like very relaxed, casual styles - with a bit of flair - made with premium materials; super fine merino wool and premium cotton, some synthetics too; but I try to avoid them. I'm male, by the way, and I do like nice clothes and to dress well.

My typical day-to-day outfit is a pair of nice jeans or relaxed-fit cotton pants, a long sleeve cotton/silk jersey, maybe a waistcoat, a nice watch, a pendant of sort, some really unique looking trainers or smart casual shoes, and a canvas or leather messenger bag (Hilfiger, Burberry, ECD (Aussie company) or Louis Vuitton). I may wear a funky cheese-cutter (turned backward), long scarf, and stylish coat or jacket (not blazers) if the weather is cool.

New Zealanders, in general, dress very casually, as we don't have huge metropolises here and a lot of people are into sports of one form or another. Also, the culture here is so laid-back and relaxed that most people can't be bothered to dress-up as there's not much need for it.


Jun 18, 2007
I mostly buy clothes and accessories from online boutiques based in SoCal. I love that laid back yet glamorous look!

But I buy stuff everywhere. I have a rule that whenever I travel anywhere I buy at least one thing I can wear. I have shoes, jackets and accessories from all around the world.... The funny thing is that the stuff that I get the most compliments on is from the Kohls 2 minutes away from where I live :confused1:


Nov 21, 2006
I live in Madison WI, so since Shop Bops only store is here i buy a lot from them, The rest of my clothes are mostly from Chicago


Sep 21, 2006
I'd say my style is pretty Scandinavian, I buy a lot of stuff made by local designers. Other than that, I tend to favour French labels and a few English and Italian ones. So European sums it up rather well I guess? :smile:

mr. couturier

Sep 7, 2006
Like many of the rest of you, I buy my clothes where I travel, but almost exclusively, I preferred French designers - or more generally, designers that show in Paris. My current favorites are (all vintage as well as modern) Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint-Laurent, and Sonia Rykiel.


Mostly get style tips from my boys on SF or from Japanese Men's style mags (from street style photo mags to "outlaw/Host" Style, Denim from France and Japan (Uniqlo to APC), Shirts from Japan, US, England, France (cheap crap like Express for bars/school, nicer stuff like Agnes B for School/hanging out/shopping), Jackets I usually go rather slim so Japan/South Korea/HK, Shoes from Japan/US (from wild pointy ones to Varvatos Cons to Puma). All in all it kinda gets smashed together and I take bits from everywhere that I like (or work with anything I find that actually fits) and develop a personal style unlike 99.9% in my school/town.


Nov 14, 2007
I mostly shop at Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorfs, Nordstrom, etc. I love department stores! I also shop at a lot of little boutiques here in L.A. and do a lot of online shopping. I love buying clothes from Korea too but I don't go to my grandparent's home in Korea too often so I don't have much from Korea. I wear a lot of Italian and French designers. But in general, I wear what I like so I can't categorize it into a certain location. I shop from stores all over the place. :biggrin: High end to low end. Doesn't matter to me..diversity is the best!


Sep 11, 2006
Mine's a mixture of brands. I love Marc Jacobs and his diffusion line for the Amercian coolness, and mix it with some more eccentric Brit designers like Alexander McQueen. That said, I love jeans brands from Sweden and Australia. I particularly love this brand of basic apparel from Australia called Bassike.