Where is your Manhattan Made?

  1. Hi my Manhattan GM was purchased in an LV store and says Made in the USA...does anyone has one Made in France...are the newer ones Made in the USA? Should I try to find one Made in France...how?

  2. I also have one Made from the USA...
  3. both of mine, GM and PM sizes are made in USA also!! =)
  4. Mine is the PM and it is Made in the USA! Proud to own a US-made LV too!!
  5. hmm... mine's made in France...
  6. My PM is made in France ... purchased from Rodeo Dr. when they first came out.
  7. I don't own Manhattan, but from my experience, if I buy a monogram bag when it's first released (first batch available in the US), I'll get a bag stamped "made in France". The later shipment of the same bag will be stamped made in USA. I don't know if it's applied to every monogram bag, but so far, all of my monogram bags in my collection are made in France. I bought all of them when they're first released in the US market. But I don't mind owning a piece made in USA.
  8. I think you should just keep your bag that's made in USA. The quality/craftsmanship is still the same. :yes:
  9. I purchased mine from the UAE and its made in France.. ???!?!?!!
  10. my GM is made in France
  11. All the same bag... Enjoy!! does it really matter where the bag was made ?
  12. Mine is made in france I bought it when they first came out !!
  13. My PM is also made in France
  14. I purchased my Manhattan GM over a year ago in Germany and it says Made in France
  15. Below pics of my Manhattan GM and my friend's:


    All made in France but I ever saw another made in Spain.