Where is your absolute favorite vacation spot?

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  1. I think mine is St. Thomas, I love the weather there, the beaches, the friendly people, the fact that you can bring 7 liters of alcohol home if you're a US resident (HAHA!!), just everything!!:yes: What's yours??
  2. Grand Cayman, BWI :girlsigh:
  3. ooo I've never been there, but I so want to!!
  4. Vienna, Austria. I know it's not beachy but I live in San Diego. I love Vienna when it's warm and even when it's -23C. Something about the food, culture and people makes me at peace.
  5. New York, have to go there at least 1-2 times a year
  6. I'm so in love with Bali, I cry when I leave...
  7. It is FABULOUS! :girlsigh:

    My goal is to have a vacation home there someday, but I'd move there permanently right now if I could!
  8. I am with you on Bali Maggie7- although you are so lucky to have a much shorter trip there! It took me more than 30 hours and 3 flights to get there. I spent 6 weeks in Bali, Thailand and Cambodia and was crying when I had to leave too!
  9. bumpppp

    anyone else?
  10. Hawaii. I went 4 years ago and I still think about it everyday. I beg my husband to get stationed there.
  11. tokyo, japan -- a shopper's paradise!
  12. Anywhere in Europe, especially Venice, Italy and Athens, Greece.
  13. French Polynesia. Life runs at a different pace and the scenery can't be beat.
  14. PARIS! can't beat the pastries, stores, and pretty buildings
  15. I second Athens. And little islands around Greece like Santorini and Mykonos.