Where is Tod's from?

  1. I always thought it was American like MJ and Kate Spade, but I'm wrong of course. Is it Italian or German. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  2. Tods is considered to be an italian luxury shoe brand so i will take it that it from italy even though i always thought that Tods is from USA. and all my Tods are made in Italy.
  3. Definitely Italian!! :graucho:

    Here's a good background article:


    and an excerpt regarding the name:

    ...To do so, though, he needed a name and a big idea. The name J. P. Tod's (later shortened to Tod's) came from the Boston phone directory. The big idea came in the form of driving moccasins—worn by the likes of the late Fiat head Gianni Agnelli, who made the shoes part of the effortlessly relaxed Portofino playboy look he cultivated. For Della Valle, as for many young Italian entrepreneurs of his generation, Agnelli was a role model and an inspiration: "He was a symbol of luxury for us—and he was always surrounded by beautiful women."

    I'm working hard on growing my Tod's collection. Hopefully someday there might even be a subforum for the brand!! :love:
  4. i love Tods bag, it is like so durable and easy to wear, my everyday bag. i must have use this for books to groceries. i love the shopping bag so much that i bought 2. this is my latest Tods shopping bag in red. the brick colour shopping bag is my first Tods bag. i am hoping to buy more colours when the new Fall bags are out.
    DSC02773.jpg tods.jpg
  5. Wow. Thanks for the info, ladies. I think Tod's have one of the best and most durable leathers around. I don't own anything from them yet, though I love the Miky.
  6. Della Valle's goal is allegedly to make Tod's as high end in the luxury "rankings" as Hermes...

    For the moment, he is probably occupying himself with getting out of the football scandal that's tormenting Italy...