Where is Tobago?

  1. I was looking for the tobago line, looks to be discontinued? too bad if it is, as I started to really like the understated look of tobago leather.
  2. It's still available here and there. The black shoe bag among others is available online even as I type on the UK site. I've seen it in stores many times.
  3. they still show the tobago available but I was told the shoe bags are gone and there are VERY few keepalls/carryalls left in the world.
  4. It is a great line.
  5. I was told many times that black tobago is permament. I'm checking it frequently coz shoe bag is on top of my list;) I also saw red and blue carry-all at Harrods LV counter in London last week...:graucho:
  6. there are three or four keepall's and carryall's left in each red and blue and maybe one or two yellow but that's it. :smile:
  7. yeah they are still reasonably easy to get in the UK mens bags hang around ages over here
  8. There are still yellow tobago carryalls in toronto?! :drool:
  9. haha no I meant in all of the states! I was told that there are only one or two yellow tobago pieces in each style left and that blue basically gone and there are a few red's left, but thats in the states. In Canada there is I belive one last yellow caryall in toronto, as well as one in red and blue and one red keepall and one blue keepall!
  10. that is wrong there is a lot of tobago left in europe ;)
  11. Yea but in North America it is almost gone! :sad:
  12. I saw a tobago carry-all in yellow in Valencia/Spain last week