Where is this bag from?

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  1. There's this bag I see some women carrying around but I can't seem remember where it's from!

    It seems to be in calfskin and comes with a ribbon wrapped around the handles. And it seems like something Hermes or tod's would sell. Help plz! :sad:
  2. Check the Hermes forum for help. It sounds like a Birkin to me. Good luck.
  3. Nope I know the birkin hermes but the one I'm referring to is not as famous. I'll check the hermes forums now.
  4. OK after checking out the hermes forums I would say that it looks so much like the Picotin bag except the one I'm talking about has a short handle as well as a longer strap for the shoulders
  5. Could it be Michael Kors Hamilton tote? I believe it's got pebbled leather, but not as squat as the H Picotin tho.
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    When you say ribbon, do you mean a scarf or is it part of the bag itself?
  7. how is the ribbon? Part of the bag? Is the ribbon leather or like a scarf? Does the ribbon go around the bag?