Where Is The Sunshine Yellow?????

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  1. CAN anyone tell me where i can find the new Yellow bouton d'or

    I call it tweety bird yellow!!!!!!!

    can anyone help?????:shrugs::shrugs::shrugs:
  2. Try Neiman Marcus in San Fransisco, Union Square :tup:

    Ask for Peggy, she is a doll!! :heart:
  3. I saw one a few weeks ago at Neiman Marcus in Tampa. It had just arrived and was displayed on the arm of a mannequin. It is bright! The SA referred to it as Jaune (pronounced it as June) but it was definitely the brighter newer yellow.
  4. also saw it at barneys in copley :smile:
  5. I just saw one on fleabay as well. Since it's from the current season, it should be pretty easy to find. Good luck!!
  6. Claudette at Nordstroms Arden Fair had a regular hardware city and money wallet when I spoke with her Saturday night.
  7. anyone seen a first in bouton d'or?
  8. try gretta luxe in wellesley boston for the yellow first!
  9. Twiggy available at AR!
  10. call nm in new jersey and ask for lee, he will hook you up, he is the greatest.......................... :smile::tup: 1-877-777-5321 toll free :smile:
  11. A fellow Canadian, in Toronto, is selling a brand new Bouton D'Or Work RH. She happens to be a tpf member also. Her email is phielle@rogers.com . I bought one myself,in the Work GSH style with a matching wallet from NM in the states during their promotion last week. A fellow U.S. ebayer mailed it out to me and it's arriving in Winnipeg sometime this week. Good luck getting one!!!