where is the rule?

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  1. on eBay that shows how long sellers have to ship?
    Anyone know?
  2. I've checked eBay but found nothing...
  3. I see people here quoting that Sellers have 7 days. . . need to know where that little nugget is on eBay!
  4. 30 days for the item to get to you...not sure about when they have to ship though
  5. The listing should state. A good seller will certainly ship within a week, if not sooner. I try to ship within 48 hours.

    How long have you waited? Has the seller responded to your enquiries?
  6. no, not a Seller's rule, EBAY'S rule.

    Just like no matter what a Seller says, eBay says a Buyer has 7 days to pay. . .
    Where is EBAY'S rule?
  7. I'm asking for a friend on an Oilily eBay group.
  8. I really have no clue :shrugs:

    I've been trying to find that just now, but no luck :confused1: All I found was the rule that you had to wait 10 days until you can file an item-not-received claim

    Might want to try live help :yes:
  9. I actually thought that the 7 day shipping timeline was PAYPAL's rule...that to be covered by the Seller Protection Plan, you had to ship the item out within seven days.

    I don't know where (or if) it might state that on Ebay.
  10. you are right :nuts: it's a Paypal rule and in their User Agreement:

    11.3 Qualification Requirements. In order to qualify for coverage under the Seller Protection Policy, you must meet the following requirements:
    1. You must have a Verified Business or Verified Premier Account at the time of the transaction,
    2. The transaction must be between a US, UK or Canadian buyer and a US, UK or Canadian seller,
    3. The payment must be listed as "Seller Protection Policy Eligible" on the “Transaction Details” page,
    4. You must accept a single payment from one PayPal Account for the purchase,
    5. You must not charge a surcharge for accepting PayPal,
    6. You must ship the purchased item to the address listed on the “Transaction Details” page, and that address must be identified as a Confirmed Address,
    7. You must ship the item to the buyer within 7 Days of receiving payment,
    8. You must have trackable online proof of delivery from an approved shipping to the address on the “Transaction Details” page. For transactions involving $250.00 USD or more, you must provide a proof of receipt that was signed or otherwise acknowledged by the buyer and can be viewed online, (If you paid in a currency other than US dollars, the following amounts apply for this section: $325.00 CAD, €200.00 EUR, £150.00 GBP, ¥28,000 JPY, $350.00 AUD, 330.00 CHF, 1,600.00 NOK, 2,000.00 SEK, 1,500.00 DKK, 800.00 PLN, 55,000 HUF, 6,000.00 CZK, $400.00 SGD, $2,000.00 HKD, $380.00 NZD), and
    9. You must respond to PayPal’s requests for information within the time period PayPal specifies.
    Please note that in order to qualify for our Seller Protection Policy you must ship the item as required in this section. If you hand deliver an item, or provide delivery in any manner other than required in this section, your transaction will not qualify for the Seller Protection Policy.
  11. OK, so it's a Paypal rule. . . what about eBay I wonder?
  12. hmmm, I didn't find anything like that with eBay and I can't find the link for link for live help :shame:
  13. I just spenta good 30 minutes trying to answe this-and I could not find it-tried approaching from seller, sending, etc etc-I will be most interested if anyone finds something quotable on this!
  14. Are sellers required to ship items within any time frame? Posted: Dec-10-06 17:27 PST cwcreelcwcreel (337&nbsp(337 [​IMG]) View Listings | Posts: 2,357 | Report

    Sellers have 30 days to ship as per the FTC. You can not simply cancel, as the seller did not state they would ship sooner.

    You can explain this is a present and need to know they will arrive and ask if they are willing to let you out of the obligation, but they are not required to.

    Always check auctions to see if they state a shipping time, if they do not, they do have 30 days.
  15. is there a link to what you pasted?

    We, me and my friend from the group, are longtime Sellers & Buyers. . . we understand Seller's TOS and such, we just don't ever make people wait like she's been made to wait.
    She just wanted to send a link to eBay's rule to the Seller in case she got any flack frm them.