Where is the postman!?!?!?!

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  1. I purchased this yummy Chanel last week and she is with the courier man right now. He had it this morning at 8am and should have delivered it by 1pm. It is now 2.26pm and I am going nuts!!!! Been waiting since 8am!! Dying to do a reveal today but no idea where he is!!!! GRRRRRRRR!!!!
  2. Awww, it's horrible having to wait. Can't wait to see what it is... :sneaky:
  3. I know!! It is driving me absolutely insane!!! Also a little nervous about it... never gotten something like it before. I guess we'll see... soon I hope!!!
  4. Don't be nervous about it, I am sure it is gorgeous since you have fabulous taste!!
  5. Omg, I can't wait to see what the postman brings you!!! :nuts: I hope your Chanel arrives soon (cuz I'm gonna pass out soon)! :P
  6. I hate waiting for things to arrive
  7. Thanks sweetie! I guess the thing I worry most about is the weight!! Btw, you're in Singapore too?
  8. Hi dahling!! Me toooooooooooooo this will be my first live reveal! :graucho:

  9. Tell me about it!! I'm also pmsing at the moment so that doesn't help!! :P

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    Negative, I am in California so it is about 10:42pm now. I guess I'll have to stay up a little longer and stalk ;). Your postman better giddy on up :graucho: because I am about to pass out :sleepy:
  11. Did he come??? I hate it when my postman isn't on time on ANY DAY, let alone a day where I am expecting a package. Especially a chanel!!!
  12. Whoopsie!! Not sure why I thought so! Awhhh if you're tired you should just go to bed :smile:

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    Not not yet!!

    Am really paranoid now that maybe he came and I missed it? In the past I had missed 2 deliveries because the postman knocked (didn't think to ring the bell!!!!!!) and I missed it because I was upstairs!!

    I just taped a note to my front door saying "For delivery, please ring bell". i was going to say "Mr Postman...." but my SO laughed at me :P

  14. I can't wait to see your LIVE reveal, I am here!
  15. OMG A, you shouldn't have told us! now this suspense is killing me! aaarrrgh!

    ok, i wanna guess... "never gotten something like it"... WOC? ...oh, but then, the "weight" thingy... maxi, vintage maxi, tote...??? :graucho: