Where is the obsessing?

  1. We obsessed all summer long over Love and Love 2, Neverfulls, black denim neo cabbys and heaven only knows what else. But now, it's been awfully quiet. Are we obsessed out? Was this summer's glut of limited and special editions enough to kill enthusiasm for the fall/winter bags? True, we had some hype over the mirage but it seemed kind of subdued to me.

  2. maybe some are thinking about the upcoming holidays ... I know I have to start my christmas shopping soon ... so my obsessing will have to resume after I'm done with everyone else's presents.
  3. I think...because there's tooo much Limited Editions...? lol i don't know!:p

    'feels like the crooowd is saying...GIMME GIMME more~ GIMME~ more! gimme gimme MORE...gimme gimme MORE gimme MORE...':yahoo:

    Louis Vuitton...money hungry? lol...:nuts:
  4. Oh I "obsess", but I'm trying to focus on getting my nordie's and macy's card paid off. Then, the obsessing will return, but I just gotta watch the spending ;(
  5. I'm obsessing over whether or not to obsess over the Mini motard pochette. I can't seem to make up my mind as to whether I want it or not! lol
  6. Always obsessing; however, nothing has caught my eye in the recent months (as far as bags anyway). I have, however, picked up a few accessories...
  7. I saw my savings account deplete sharply and I obsessed over that, too. Totally empathize with you, Dusty Paws.
  8. I know as far as men’s stuff goes there hasn’t been a lot to obsess about for me. I have seen the PDV in both colors and while it is pretty it didn’t really make me have to have it. I wish they had done the same effect as the mirage then it would have been really unique. I think the only thing I have from F/W so far is a pair of ankle boots and honestly nothing else says buy me you gotta have me.
  9. yea nothing has really caught my eye lately except for the cruise speedy which i recently saw a magazine pic of. perhaps i will start obsessing over that one.
  10. ITA! Anyway i always find the ladies range more exciting but they are too feminine for a guy except maybe for the Neverfull Damier. So i'm obsessing abt that till i see it IRL if its suitable for a guy.
  11. I have this low-level obsession simmering all the time until there is a bag I must have, then there is full-blown obsession until I get it. LOL

    Right now, there are too many LV bags on my wishlist (Azur Berkeley, black MC Griet, Marina PM or Cruise Speedy, or Manhattan GM) and I am trying to reason with myself just to get one or none and just wait. I am sooo relieved that there is nothing from the SS line that has called out my name loud and clear.
  12. i'm obsessing over the mc speedy! aarg but it will take a few more months before i can buy her :sad:
  13. Not really obsessing over anything..as I said before, the last time I obessed over a bag (not accessory) was when the Miroir bags were on the runway last year. Now, nothing really. Maybe an Amarante Reade PM but that's about it. I really migrated to the accessories this time around.
  14. Oddly enough, I'm thinking about an amarante Reade pm, too! It's the only thing I'm drooling over these days. I returned the Sunset Blvd even though it was so cute. The bag was potentially useful but I have a pomme Lex that would pretty much serve the same purpose.

    Other than that, I'm admiring the bordeaux Mirage Speedy from afar since I'm not a speedy gal (cuz my mom is and I can't steal her thunder).
  15. Did you happen to see the upcoming Spring/Summer 08 Women's handbag runway collection?

    THAT is why we (I) am NOT obsessing...

    then again, I also have my Limelight, Mirage Speedy, etc. etc. to keep me occupied lately........lol...