Where is the Mulberry outlet shop in York, UK?

  1. Hello,

    Have got my heart set on a Mulberry bayswater and will be going up to York at the end of May for a few days for my Birthday and thought a trip to the outlet would perhaps be an ideal opportunity to convince my hubby to buy me one !!! Does anyone know where it is, actually in York or outside? and what is the likelihood of finding a discount bayswater?


  2. Fantastic, within walking distance of our hotel!!!! thankyou!!! I couldn't find it when i googled it!
  3. York is beautiful - I live about 30 miles away and pop up there quite a bit. It's beautiful in the spring - if you get chance go for a walk round the city walls.

    The Mulberry shop in York is great (and there's some great shoe shops in the streets around it ;) ). The ladies are really helpful and have tracked down specific stuff for me on many an occasion. Enjoy :biggrin:
  4. Also a Mulberry outlet shop at Bicester Shopping Village, near Oxford.
  5. Yes, I've been told about Bicester Village and I can't wait to go there! I can't drive here in UK so I have to convince my fiance to take me. But, it's not far from Hertfordshire. Should be a lovely trip. See all you ladies there!

  6. i'm going to york tommorrow for a family day out or thats what i told hubby:graucho: . There are lots for the kids to see and do. And their mamma is going to love the outlet store too:yahoo: