Where is the Monogram Mat??

  1. Im on the vuitton site and I can't seem to find the line??

    Does anyone here have it??? How do you like it???
  2. type in Monogram Mat on eluxury, it willcome up
  3. i can find it on elux but not on vuitton.com
  4. I think because the line is pretty much disc. so what is left is on elux?
  5. oh they are discontinuingthe line??
  6. yeah, i think it's already discontinued.
  7. yup, ditto what everyone said. the mat line has been discontinued =(
  8. Discontinued! :sad:
  9. I've always loved the look of the Monogram Mat.
    There are still a handful of items on elux.
    I've heard that it scratches up easily though.
  10. not really
    i have the Mat Shelton and medium agenda, and they've both proven to be remarkably durable
  11. yeah its days are numbered! :sad: I really love the Stockton! Its so yum!
  12. Not true! I once owned 3 Mono Mat bags: Willwood, Fowler, & Malden and 2 out of the 3 bags had no scratches.
  13. ah too bad! It's so much more elegant than the Vernis! I guess subtle LV's aren't too popular (glace, laser, matte)
  14. This is my favorite LV line, I'm so sad that they're discontinuing it...so I rushed out to buy the Shelton and Allston and have been very happy with it. I don't have any scratches on my Monogram Mat either, and I have the french wallet which I use every day.
  15. my friend had a Mat Ludlow and it started to peel and crack on some parts. he only had it for less than 3 months too. he was able to exchange it for a regular monogram one instead.