Where is the marketplace?

  1. Hi Vlad & Megs, whatever happened to the marketplace? :roflmfao:

    btw, love the new smilies!
  2. Dosent look like the market place will be coming back. Too many problems for Vlad and Megs:cry: Total bummer for alot of us:sad:
  3. Does anyone know if there is good place for me to post my eBay auctions on the PF? It used to be the marketplace, but now that this is gone, I have some great Bulga auctions that I think the PFers would be interested in. I emailed Meg a few days ago but haven't heard from her. Thanks!
  4. we arent allowed anymore to post your own auctions..see the new rules.
  5. I thought there was talk that is might come back in a new form? Is that totally not happening now?

  6. we do not permit any buying or selling on tPF, not in the Forums nor via PM.
  7. Talk yes... we aren't there yet though. :flowers:
  8. So there is hope?
  9. Never lose hope... right?? :yes:

  10. Right. :angel:
  11. it's a pitty but we should be happy with what we have, i fab forum. Maybe i should think about that when buying another bag ;)