Where is the marketplace?

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  1. I went on vacation for a week, and I come back and can't find the marketplace? Am I doing something wrong, or is it gone?
  2. It's gone.
  3. Yep had to be closed unfortunately.
  4. Can anyone tell me why? Will it be coming back?
  5. Nope. There's a thread somewhere in GD, but I don't know how far back it is. Try searching for 'Marketplace', see what comes up. For now at least, no selling, trading, of any kind to be done on this board. Sad, but maybe not permanent.
  6. Ahh, okay I see it now, thanks all!

    What a bummer...I spent some time thinking about buying/selling during my vacation and made some decisions. Off to ebay I go, much as I hate to!
  7. I know exactly how you feel LoriB! I was on vacation too, and then I came home and one of my cats was VERY sick and has been hospitalized (still is, but now will recover, thank God!) and I have a HUGE vet bill...and no Marketplace to sell my new pewter City! I couldn't believe it. It's a shame. Maybe they will be able to bring it back at some point. But there is still eBay...and their outrageous fees! :yucky:
  8. Oh nooooo ET, what happened to your cat? :amazed: I hope she'll get well soon...
  9. Apparently while we were gone (and the pet sitter was out for the afternoon) he got into some kind of string. We have no idea what it is, as it has not "passed" yet, but after three days of testing, x-rays, ultrasounds, blood work, and rehydrating (he was almost dead when we found him Friday night after returning home), the LATEST vet (we ended up taking him to a specialist after one vet suggested that we might have to put him down) fed him berium and took more x-rays and found the string wrapped around the base of his tongue, way down his throat. She was able to cut the string down the center and today it passed to his small intestine. He was going to have surgery this morning, but now that the string has been cut it moved through, so he will be hospitalized and under observation until it makes its way out (since he didn't eat for three days). We are SO relieved that they found it, and were able to save him!
  10. That is great news but really scary. I don't have a cat but I get the sense that they like to play with string. I am glad you got a second opinion. Hope he gets lots of treats when he is able to enjoy them.
  11. Oh no! I hope your kitty will be okay. We left our dog with my mother in law and she came by once a day to check on our cat, who is an indoor-only cat. I have never left my pets before (we don't vacation much!) and I was worried about something like that happening to my cat. Hope all is well with your lil' kitty!
  12. Oh yes! Non-stringy treats! We actually brought the cats special treats back from our trip, but they are all having to wait until Greebo comes home. Hopefully in the next couple of days!
  13. Oh no, I wish Greebo a speedy recovery. Is he the one in your avatar? such a cutie. :love:
  14. Oh my!!! I'm SO glad you got a second opinion, ET! Hope he'll get well soon & return home to your family *hugs*
  15. ETenebris, sorry to hear what happened to your cat!!
    it must have been so frightening to come home to him in that state. i'm glad he'll be on his way to recovery soon.