where is the marc jacobs warehouse?

  1. :confused1: they gots my nickel hardware and I gots to call them!!!! :smile:
  2. If I understand it correctly the MJ warehouse location is not disclosed to the public. You can call an MJ boutique and they can pull something from the warehouse but it will be full price.
  3. I think it is in Seacaucus, NJ. I only wish that I had a key to that beyond-my-wildest-dreams place!!
  4. ^ me too!!

    The boutique will do a centralized search if you want to find something in particular. There are only a few bags left with silver hardware, so it will be slim pickings!!
  5. omg i would go crazy in the warehouse! :nuts:
  6. :roflmfao:
    HaHa - I think lovekooba is talking about this mysterious, magical place that sends those perfectly preserved nickel hardware bags to Nordstroms Rack and some fortunate eBay sellers!
  7. oooh Secaucus huh, its 45 mins from here.. wowww
  8. once it gets shipped to the warehouse, sales associates cannot pull items from the warehouse. it doesn't work like that.
  9. It's in my back yard.... or so i wish.
  10. Okay, my MJ obsession is OFFICIALLY out of control!
  11. So how does it work?
  12. my understanding is that when we would get merchandise pulled from our shelves of the boutique, it was packed up, sent to the warehouse. the warehouse's stock does not show up on the computers which tell you how many items are in each store. once its at the warehouse it then gets distributed to other stores, such as off fifth, filenes, dsw, etc etc
  13. So how often and how is it pulled from the shelves? Is there like a regular date when, say, everything in a certain color and style is pulled nation-wide?

    Is there some way for the public to shop at the warehouse?