Where is the hologram?

  1. I bought from Saks, so I'm sure it's authentic, but I can't find the hologram on my medium/large classic flap? Help please!
  2. It's difficult to find--look inside, on the left side, at the bottom corner of the front panel of the bag. It's quite small, but it should be there!
  3. Gosh, I must be blind! I STILL can't find it?? Is it on a tag? I don't see any tags?? Sorry to be so dense.
  4. I have a medium flap. If you look at it from the front, the tag will be located at the bottom left corner of the interior compartment. It is not stuck onto a leather tab, but onto the actual inner wall of the compartment.
  5. It is tiny and unless you are part eagle (sharp eyesight) you can easily miss it...
  6. Here's a picture - basically it illustrates how hard it is to see without actually flipping the lining out
  7. THANK YOU!! I feel a bit stupid - was looking at it from the wrong side and started to freak out for a second! Just wanted to know it was there in case I ever decide to sell in the FAR AWAY future :smile:

  8. ^ No problem!! I actually freaked out for a millisecond too when I first got it - after the initial joy of getting it, I then thought, okay where is the hologram sticker? And it took me forever to find it :p