Where is the holagram sticker? update: found it

  1. Hello everyone! This is my first thread on the Chanel forum!~ I have been hooked on this board ever since finding out about the price hike from here. Everyone has such pretty Chanels! I was wondering if anyone could tell me where the hologram sticker is in the med/large classic flap. I purchased my first Chanel right before the price hike and couldn’t find the hologram sticker anywhere! I thought maybe it’s just hiding somewhere inside the bag so I wasn’t worried at all. Just now I read in another thread that a member had gotten a purse that didn’t come with the hologram. I am worried that I have a defective one now… Please help! Thanks!!

    EDIT: nevermind... I just looked through the bag again and just found it :sweatdrop: , it's in the main compartment on the inside of the front side, in the lower right corner.. I have no idea how I missed that before.. :wlae: :p
  2. it is tucked in the corner in the interior for my jumbo.. i havent gotten to check out my med/large yet, but maybe i should after hearing what you have posted. let me know if you find it~
  3. Thanks for your help!! yap i just found it, it's in the corner on the interior too. Its so much smaller and flatter than I thought it was, maybe that's why I missed it. I seriously searched the bag inside out and pried open all the pockets to look for it!:shrugs:

    (I love these smileys!)
  4. just checked my med/large and found the hologram tucked in that same corner. with the bag facing you, it is on the left interior corner.
  5. yay, ur bag wasnt defective afterall~:greengrin:
  6. i see u're viewing the thread, hehe
  7. HAHA yea, I have multiple windows open and left this one on. I am such a lurker..heehee
    and yap :yahoo: I am so reliefed that it's there.. haha