Where is the Goyard Store in Paris

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  1. My DH and I are going to Paris soon this spring and I want to get a bag in the Goyard store . I all ready have the St Louis tote so I am thinking of something else plus I want a credit card holder.
    Where is the store in Paris? Also do they do the monogramming while you wait? We are only there a few days...
    Thanks in advance..
  2. 233 Rue Saint-Honore (ph: 01 42 60 57 04)

    As for the painting...I don't know about Paris but, the SF Boutique (which paints in-store) takes a few weeks to monogram bags.

    Have fun and post pics of whatever you get!
  3. When there are so few stores in the world they should be able to ship it to you or at least to your nearest store after monogramming though. I don't really know how their policy is on this.