Where Is The End of Space???

  1. I've been going crazy thinking about this lately... Where is the end of space? Does it keep going on and on forever? Is there a limit? Does it ever stop? Is there a wall that says ok there is no more space left!! What if i was never born? What happens to us after we die? Why are we here? Whats the purpose of my existence? And thinking about space and time makes me go crazy!! LOL I know I sound crazy, but does anyone ever get these scary thoughts? I get into this state of numbnesses which i cant stand!! Thoughts just rush in my head.. Am I alone
  2. You know, I've wondered this too. Is it a circle? Does it just keep going? I mean, you would think it has to end somewhere! You're not crazy or alone. I bet there are alot that wonder this same thing!
  3. YAY I am not alone lol....LMAO you guys probably think I am frekin crazy...
  4. Okay.....I think the lack of sleep is getting to you. LOL!

    This has been argued by philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, etc. throughout time. You can look at "space" in different ways i.e. the space between you and the computer screen (w/c can be calculated mathematically) or more of the "infinite space" as in the cosmic (w/c is more philosophical, I guess). I really don't know the specific answer(s) to it. We, as humans, still have a lot to learn about the "world" and what's beyond.

    About "our purpose" in this world, IDK. I guess we have a lifetime to discover why we were put in this planet. I hear a lot of people say that "we are here on earth to do good things...." I guess in some ways it's true, b/c doesn't it feel the best when you're out doing things for others out of the kindness of your heart?

    WOW! That's a long answer for me. I really try not to type as much b/c my fingers start to hurt, LOL! That's why most of my answers on the other threads are short and concise. At least I think they are.
  5. LMAO!! you are soo funny..:roflmfao:I think the lack of sleep is getting to me lol.......
  6. OK, the lack of sleep may be getting to me too...but I think about this too! I think when you go far enough you just hit a wall of stars :p.
    I wonder a lot about why I was born, and what I am meant to do and I sometimes just stop and am like "wow, I'm here" I know..it sounds super dumb. But......
  7. prince abdullah I guess it all depends on what we were raised to believe and what our faith is .. I believe that everyone has their own version of what they think is right .. you know as well as I do that us Muslims believe space is infinite and that we were put on this earth to worship The Lord and do good deeds to build this planet ... and that there is an afterlife where we will all be judged by The Lord for what we did with our time on earth .. and therefore go to either Hell or Heaven depending on what we did AND depending on The Lord's mercy ..
    I also think that we are too futile and fragile and unmentionable in this huge huge universe .. we are too puny to be able to "take in" all that is around us beyond what we were meant to know and comprehend many of the things that are too far fetched for our small minds .. I dont know but I feel that part of the glory of life is having some things as a "mystery" .. things to just believe in as faith and things to just "give in" to and accept as given facts even if we can't "touch" them or proove them .. it just gives life that extra "umph" it sometimes lacks .. I dont know about you or anyone else but I feel strength in knowing there is an immortal being that looks after us .. one that I can pray to when I feel down and scared .. it just makes me feel safe ... to know that He is looking over us and knows everything we will never even start to know gives me inner peace ... there are things that He just doesnt want us to know and therefore we never will ...
  8. You are definitely not crazy Prince! I think about this too (although I try not to do it too much because I think I would go properly crazy). I'm not religious, so don't have that belief about our life's value being appraised on death, which I actually wish I could believe! It makes it that much easier to explain things.

    As for space, this is fascinating definitely. I like the theory about hitting a wall of stars :p
  9. His angel said it perfectly... Prince Abdulah our Holy Quran has alll your answers... But, I do know what you mean, before I accepted islam I always and forever had these questions... Soooo, your not crazy.. heheheh. But, they were answered.
  10. All I know is that there are answers but no one can tell you because whatever that is, it's something you can only feel it. You can't see with your eyes. You have to search for the answers yourself. It's like I tell you the water is hot. You won't know what is hot and how hot until you feel the temperature of water then you know what I mean when I say "hot".
  11. HaHa Have you guys ever listened to Joe Rogan's stand up comedy about space? It's hilarious!!
  12. The best thing I have been able to come up with for understanding infinity is to think of a cell. Inside the cell is a nucleus, and inside the nucleus are mitochondria, and every time electron microscopy gets upgraded, you will see, there will be even smaller things inside the mitochondria, if they haven't already found those yet, which I think they have, and I can't remember what they are called. Blame the pills.

    Anyway, if you just imagine that it keeps going down and down, always a smaller one inside, like those cheesy Russian dolls tourists buy. Or nesting occasional tables.

    Now think of it going the other way. That each one of us is a cell in something, or a mitochondria in something, anyway, it keeps on going the other way, too, and what we call space is also a cell in something, and on and on.

    The only reason we are here is to entertain God. You know how it always makes him laugh when we tell him our plans.
  13. I like your answer Shimma :tup:

    I think that we are in our universe and the big bang is still happening. It is like our universe is getting bigger and bigger, as everything in it gets further away from each other, like the air inside a balloon being blown up. And eventually when it has stretched as far as it can, it will start to spring back into itself, and get small again. Like breathing out and in.

    I also think that our big bang came about from a black hole- you know those holes in space that suck everything into them, that become incredibly dense and tiny and so full of matter. Well I think these implode into themselves and become big bangs and a new universe starts.

    I think there are countless universes (beginning and ending) and they are all inside something bigger, ad infinitum, like different rooms in the mind of God.
  14. I told my DH about the name of this thread and he asked "is it really that hard for you ladies to find the purse - you all are looking for?" hehhehe. Where ever the end of space is I hope when traveling there is a great handbag shop at the end or it will certainly be a wasted trip.:p
  15. To me.. it is really freggin far away.