Where is the Elusive Leaf???

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  1. So after playing around with LB's pre-order links and I found that Nikki's, Mini Nikki's, MAB's and MAM's in Leaf are all expected to ship on 2/28. That's only a month away but I still have yet to see any pictures. The suspense is driving me bonkers. :nuts: Has anyone seen Leaf or at least gotten a description of what this color looks like? :shrugs:
  2. I am wondering too I wonder if it will look like amazon green with a sheen on it?
  3. [​IMG]

    I think someon confimred this was leaf because RM handed out a flyer at the Beckley event in LA with leaf on it.

    I am curious still of the trim in purple that is much more a true grape color than the grap studded devote we have seen.
  4. If that's Leaf it's going to be pretty awesome! Thanks!
  5. I am sure you are right but I always though that was grass green. Isn't there a "grass" green too?
  6. Wow, Leaf looks amazing!

    LR, fellow Bal-addict: I think you're thinking of "vert gazon," unless I am wrong...
  7. Maybe grass green became leaf green I vagualy remember a grass green but I can't remember for sure??
  8. Haha! As much as I love (and am quite obsessed with) VG, I am not refering to that.. hehe.

    No, seriously though there was supposed to be a grass green. Maybe the names switched.. it definitely wouldn't be the first time that has happened.
  9. THIS is a gorgeous green!

  10. ^A pose only a true handbag lover would assume, lol.

    Like MSG, I am curious about the dk. purple trim on the clutch...I love that color, kind of like an aubergine, no?

    And if that's the leaf, I love it! A crisp, true green.
  11. I like the dark purple trim. :heart: