Where is the datecode on the Wapity?

  1. Can't seem to find it, it's all so tiny...
  2. It took me ages to find it too! I began to think mine didn't have one. If you open it up and have the part where it says "Louis Vuitton Paris" facing you, then behind that tab to the very left its hidden near the seam. Hope that helps!
  3. yay! I would never have found it.
  4. Yay you found it! It's so hidden isn't it?! Took me about a week to work that one out.
  5. I've been wondering that too. Thanks!
  6. Speaking of datecodes, about 2 years back when I got my pochette (surprisingly it was like my 10th lv bag instead of the first lol) it didn't have a datecode on it. They replaced it cause they didn't find it. I thought that was odd.