Where is the Datecode on the Groom Agendas??

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  1. i saw a pic of a date code and then i was like...oh...where the heck is it on mine..and i looked in all the places i thought it might be but alas...no luck.

  2. I don't have the groom, but on my other LV agendas its at the bottom back flap -- did you look there?
  3. yeah. its not there!
  4. It is at the bottom of the front flap at my Groom Agenda. It is pretty hard to find.
  5. is it in the pocket part?? anyone have a pic??
  6. nvm found it. lol. sneaky spot!
  7. Was it behind the trademark heat stamp?
  8. yeah at the bottom behind the flap
  9. Mine is made in Spain so I don't know if they have different places where they put the date code???

    But mine is riiiggghtt here (In the front flap pocket thingy)...

  10. I believe that the date code on Agendas are heat stamped in the same place... here's mine on my Pocket Agenda [which is behind the trademark heat stamp flap]: