where is the date code located?

  1. Ok guys, I'm a new LV owner and I feel stupid asking this question. Where can I find the date code for the damier speedy 25 and zippy wallet monogram? I've looked all over and just can't find it. :confused1: My PH was easy to spot but not these two items.
  2. speedy=behind the flap pocket..

    wallet=try to look near the seam, near the zipper in bills compartment..

  3. thanks, bagsnbags.

  4. NO problem:yes:
  5. Hi, I am pleased you found the date code. I know how you felt. I am a new member and not sure where to post my question - I purchased a LV Speedy 30 and a LV Monogram (black) in July 2006. As both were purchased from LV in Brisbane there is no doubt of authenticity. After reading the comments here I was able to locate the date code on my speedy 30 but not on my LV Monogram. Can someone please assist? Thanks.

    Sorry to post on this, as this is my first post and not sure where to post a new question.
  6. I am not sure which bag would be the LV Monogram (black). Can you describe it or, better yet, post a picture?

    Oops, ETA - I see you started another thread about this - never mind~ :flowers: