Where is the date code in the Baggy Gm?

  1. I am helping someone check out a bag on eBay and the bag on eBay has a date code on a flap that I cannot for the life of me find on my Baggy GM. Here is a pic of the eBay pic:


    I can't find a flap like this at all in my bag. Only the one flat pocket with the LV emblem/patch.

    Anyone else with a GM that can check it?
  2. the date code should be along the seam of the inside pocket, that is where mine is on my baggy pm

    there shouldnt be a flap if that is the case i'd say its FAKE
  3. Your pic is from Lvlady 99 then its authentic

    [​IMG] should be the only flap

    [​IMG] date code

    [​IMG] as in your pic, its the leather label with made in france/paris/usa

    and the pocket turned inside out to show the date code,
  4. Oh - thanks so much for explaining that to me! I didn't realize the pic was turned inside out, that explains that flap-look it has! Thanks!

    Mine is SD1015 - so what is "SD"? ANd does that mean 2005?
  5. i agree with Bag Fetish :yes:
  6. I'm not sure about the SD (i think france)but the 1015 is Oct of 2005
  7. THANKS!!!
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