Where is the cheapest place to get the paddington?

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  1. Ok, I'm now seriously considering purchasing a paddington (choco brown or whisky) while waiting for Balenciaga to change back to its original leather manufacturer. lol So, can you guys please tell me the total price you pay for your medium size satchel at the following stores so I can decide which store to go for since every penny saved is one extra penny going towards another bag. Thx. :amuse:

    Chloe store (South Coast Plaza): $1594 with tax <from VWS>
    Neiman Marcus (online): ???
    Net A Porter: ???

    Oh and I forgot which site give tax free?
  2. it looks like lvr is several hundred cheaper when I run the numbers. They give back the vat but they don't have the duty listed. I just estimated the duty as the same as NAP which was about $135. I think they come out to be about $1200. total.
  3. What is the VAT and how does that work?
  4. I'm going to South Coast Plaza tomorrow to check out the paddys up close and personal! :nuts: As of now, I only seen the blue one in person.
  5. I was at South Coast Plaza a little less than 2 weeks ago and they had a paddington and a silverado in the window display at Ron Herman. Check there too if you're looking for a paddy. I'm unsure of the price. I'll be there after Christmas, and let me warn you it is CHAOS. There is a mass exodus to there for the after-Christmas sales.
  6. Thanks Mammet!
  7. Hmm, I didn't know LVR was less than NAP. I know NAP runs arond $1480, but that is with free shipping. That's after taking off VAT and adding duties.
  8. i know right?! makes me wonder is LVR is the real deal. how can it be several hundreds less than NAP? don't get it.
  9. It makes me wonder, too. But I've heard good things about them. Can the price vary that much from country to country?
  10. no idea unless the euro has weakened? but weakened that much? any one else might have an explaination?
  11. VAT is Value Added Tax. I think it applies to tax from items shipped from overseas. VAT is always on the customs forms.

    One of the ladies here works in a law firm. She would know. My apoligies for forgetting her name. I work nights and haven't had enough coffee yet!
  12. Woo hoo! My Paddy from NAP has shipped! According to my credit card activity viewed online, NAP charged me $1200. This is about $300 less than I had expected...I guess that's minus the VAT?
  13. YAY pseub! I'm so excited for you :biggrin: Let us know when you get it and take lots of photos :love:
  14. I will, I will!
  15. the only thing i can think of about LVR is that the boutique is located in the country where most things are manufactured, so they have less import overhead. they have a very reasonable return policy, actual brick-and-mortar stores in Italy, and they sell full lines of clothing instead of just bags, so i have confidence in ordering from them. also, balenciaga bags are not allowed to be sold online through their authorized retailers, and LVR has the similar message up in their balenciaga section to the one that Aloha Rag has.

    i'm going to try to find some reviews online before i order, but i have confidence in them. i think someone just made a thread about a marc jacobs bag she ordered from them...it looked legit to me.