Where is the Chanel store in Australia?

  1. hi:
    does anyone know where I can buy Chanel bags in Sydney or in Melbourne ?
  2. Here's the info from chanel.com

    MELBOURNE BOUTIQUE 209 Collins Street, The Westin MELBOURNE - 3000 Phone: (61) 3 9671 3533, Fax: (61) 3 9671 3544, E-Mail: boutique.melbourne@chanel.com.au Ready to wear - Handbags - Shoes - Other accessories (costume jewelry, scarves, ties) - Fragrance - Watches - Sunglasses

    SYDNEY BOUTIQUE 70 Castlereagh Street SYDNEY - 2000 Phone: (61) 2 9233 4800, Fax: (61) 2 9221 7205, E-Mail: boutique.sydney@chanel.com.au Ready to wear - Handbags - Shoes - Other accessories (costume jewelry, scarves, ties) - Fragrance - Watches - Sunglasses
  3. my god...thank you so much !:shame:
  4. ^^ You're welcome. I'm sure those living there will also post if there are other department stores that perhaps have boutiques...
  5. Ooooooo Twinkie, what do you want to get?
  6. There is one in Sydney off one of the roads running parallell to Pitt
    Street in the CBD and it is on a corner - I have just come back from OZ and paid several visits to the boutique, very yummy - it's just across from Louis Vuitton so you can have double doses of pleasure!!
    I resisted the temptation in Sydney because I was stopping 3 days in Dubai where I thought the prices might be lower, no such luck, but I did give in and add another to my collection.:idea:
  7. you cant buy chanel from department stores in melbourne, only fragrances and sunglasses :smile:
    and the chanel boutique on collins street is right next to LV and a lot of other high-end boutiques :smile: best street in the world!!! hope this helps!!
  8. yeah castlereagh is my fav street in the whole of sydney incase your interested in other designers in that street there is tiffany's, Cartier, Salvadore, George Jenson, Gucci, Vuitton, Bulgari, Hermes, Rolex, Cashmere thier is one of the largest Versace stores in Australia but its entrance is on Elizabeth Street (one street further down) and its tucked away and hard to find if you want me to give you detailed directions for that or any of the following which is near Castlereagh just reply: Prada, Armani, Escarda, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Armani Exchange, Mont Blac also my fav cafe in the world is a bit further down from Castlereagh its the lint/lindor (a swiss chocolate company cafe), David Jones (elizabeth St store a.k.a. female building) has a few designer stores within the store they are easy located on ground level, in order there is bulgari, fendi, Dior, Burberry, Prada there are a few designer, stores in the qvb but as we all know the qvb stores are the size of a closet and that means very limited stock, a few in the galaries victoria but not complete designers i.e. calvin klien, polo ralph lauren etc. ifyour a gucci fan i can give u directions to the largest gucci store in sydney etc. just ask i know where most designers are located
  9. hmmm, maybe i should pop over the ditch and grab a chanel....
  10. No Chanel in NZ Helen? I used to live in Tauranga and there (and still is) jack there.
  11. wow.....thanks "Naughtymanolo"for the detailed description of Sydney's high end fashion boutique. I sure will go to Castlereagh st when i visit Sydney this year ! but i think i will have to save up a lot of money heheheh......
    what i want to get is the Chanel Re-issue, but i would settle for a classic 2.55 at this moment if i can get my hands on one !
    its pretty sad there are no Chanel Boutqiues here in Auckland, i don't think they have it anywhere else in NZ.......
  12. well.... twinkie2006 maybe we both should go to Oz together and grab a Chanel

    hmm, i didnt know there was someone else on here from NZ - i thought it was just me and ChloeSS! TIME FOR A NZ PF meeting!!!!
  13. its great to know that a few ppl here are from NZ too ~ indeed we should organize a trip to Oz just for shopping heheheheh..........I am always looking for new bags to buy :biggrin:
    I wish i could get my hands on a grey 2.55 re-issue....someday.....:lol: