Where is the blind stamp on a Constance?

  1. I just got one and am searching EVERYWHERE for it! Would appreciate your help :smile:
  2. i've seen them in three places:
    • on the upper edge of one of the side panels, just next to the seam;
    • on the back of the zipper pull;
    • inside the zipper pocket, at the top on the left as you are looking at it.
    (ps -- how are those gorgeous ay-rab horsies doing?)
  3. here is a pic from eBay which appears to be option #1 of dq's list

  4. Thanks DQ :smile: I found it in the zipper compartment.

    Another question for ya: what the heck is the plastic thingy on the H clasp for? I'm speaking of the middle of the H which actually clasps the bag closed.

    The horsies are WONDERFUL :biggrin: Our boy Prism was Open Showhack Champ in Scottsdale (yipeeeee). He won over the reigning national champs!!!! Hope your horsies are happy and healthy too!
  5. I think that plastic thingy is just there to keep the flap straight, so it won't bend or stretch, as that's the part of the bag that gets the most handling. Mine had a little chip in it and so it had to be sent to Paris (!) for replacement. I was a little surprised that it couldn't be done in NY.
  6. Exactly Coco-nut ! So smart in the ways of Hermes !