Where is the biggest LV boutique

  1. where is is located?
  2. in Paris? I'm just guessing because I've never been to an LV boutique...
  3. Yes, Paris. I was just there a couple of weeks ago.
  4. :drool: so cool. sooo soo cool!! :yes:
  5. CALGARY -- just kidding - i was jus there and it was a counter =(
  6. I am sooooo going there ine of these days!!! I swear I will take a trip to Paris for this reason only!
  7. whooaaaaa:nuts:
  8. Definitely Paris... I wish I could go one day!
  9. I want to go to the Paris store so badly :sad: But I won't do it before I have some serious cash to burn :graucho:
  10. definitely paris. the first time i went to paris the champs elysees store was STILL renovating. had to go to a temp store instead *sigh* i must make a trip back to paris and see THE boutique.
  11. Same here! I was a bit disappointed to miss out on the Champs Elysees store while it was under renovation. But oh well, it's just another excuse to go back to Paris!!
  12. How about the biggest lv boutique in the states?
  13. The boutique in Paris is stunning!
  14. I would guess the one in NY [5th Avenue] and Rodeo Drive? :shrugs:
  15. I was also thinking of the Louis Vuitton boutique on 5th Avenue. :p