Where is the best place to sell my used Louis Vuitton + other designer apparel/bags?

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  1. Hi ladies :smile:
    I would like to sell my used Louis Vuitton and COACH and some Juicy Couture (clothes) but I don't know which store I should bring it to. Are there any stores in particular that give you a good deal? How does it work? I don't have the authenticity card for my LV but it is authentic.

    I am interested in stores in NYC and Boston (whichever location will give me a better deal).

    Thank you very much :shame:
  2. E-Bay.
  3. eBay is the best place.
  4. You could always try to sell it to consignment sites, like fashionphile,2nd-handbag, mrstroppo, etc.
  5. I should have been more clear, I apologize.

    I am searching for stores I can sell my items to in real-life (not in the virtual world/internet).
  6. Portero.com takes consignments.
  7. fashionphile will buy your directly also. she is located in beverly hills. not sure where you are.
  8. What are you selling in LV?
  9. anns fabulous finds does consignment as well
  10. There's a great consignment store in Boston area called Second Time Around. I consigned an LV bag with them, along with other items, and they were very good. :smile: