Where is the best place to buy my 1st Chanel?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm getting ready to purchase my first Chanel handbag but I have a quick question. I keep hearing people talking about waiting/pre-ordering for certain events from Saks, Neimans, etc...so I was just wondering where is the best place for me to make my purchase to hopefully save a bit of money? I'd appreciate any help you all can offer! TIA!!! :smile:
  2. right now?
    neiman is having its gift card and double point program
    but-- i think you will find better info in the chanel shopping thread~
  3. hi I am interested in this question too! Regardless the price increase, is it a good time to buy my first C handbag now? Cuteangel, could you give more details about NM gift card events? Thank you .
  4. you should look into Saks or bloomingdales. when you open a credit card with them, they will give you an automatic 20% off (even with chanels). if you happen to do that when they have their gift card events simultaneously, then you can get gift cards AND the 20% off. that's how i bought my first flap. imo, this is the best way to maximize what you spend and save what you can. good luck girls!
  5. Hi thought it was 20% on some days only? Does anyone know when the upcoming days will be to get their store CC and get 20% off first purchase?


  6. isnt it 10% now for both bloomies and saks? does anyone know?
  7. hmm i think Saks and wait for ECG or gift cards and stuff like that cuz that way you gonna save up some % cash.

    you can call saks or bloomies for more info or maybe some1 knowws around here, i havent buy like that my stuff so i have no experience with these giftcards plus november and december coming up they probably gonna have something like this.
  8. Hi, gals, one more question. How can I save the tax? thanks a lot!
  9. I think Saks F&F expired yesterday (Sunday); but like they said above - definitely open an account and you will get an automatic discount. The only way to avoid tax is if you purchase from a store that is not in your state (or within a certain distance of your address). But I believe you can only open an account in person.

    There is a thread regarding great SAs - maybe you can find one that is out of your state.
    Have fun!!
  10. its 10 percent for bloomies
  11. ^^ awww nuts...any confirmation on the % for sak's?
  12. Hi ladies, like what cuteangel has suggested, check out the shopping forum, there are tons of threads on shopping for Chanel, and dedicated threads on the stock level and offers in the departmental stores....

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