Where is the best place to buy LV?

  1. I am about to buy my first LV, speedy! So excited :nuts: :nuts:

    Where should I buy it from in term of getting the best service in case it is defective and I need a return/exchange? Should I buy it from eluxury? Or local LV boutiue? Or NM, Saks?

    Local stores seem convenient but I am worried that as a first time buyer, I might overlook some problems when the associates are around me.:sweatdrop: And I feel a little embarrassed to go back for an exchange later on.:sweatdrop:

    BTW, Tax part is not a factor since I will be charged tax even with eluxury.com!:cursing:

    Thank you all!
  2. I would DEFINITELY buy at a boutique! Nothing beats the boutique experience for a first purchase especially! Congrats and post pics if you can!

    Welcome, by the way!
  3. I agree!
  4. I agree too!! Definitely go to the boutique....you'll find that the sales people are usually very helpful and there's no need to worry!!
  5. If you've got the option, go for a boutique. But NM or Saks is fine since they have LVs return policy and are owned and operated by LV.
  6. go for the boutique. and do not be afraid to ask questions. good luck.
  7. for sure the boutique to get the experience first hand. and like lv_shopaholic said "do not be afraid to ask questions". you'll probably find that you may know more than some SAs! have fun and enjoy your first LV experience!
  8. I would go for the boutique. Definitely an amazing expereince. I understand your feelings of being scared to fully examine the bag with all the SA's there. I kinda felt the same way, but then I saw other customers inspecting bags too and realized its a smart thing to do and the SAs wont judge you. Good luck and have fun!! Post pics when you purchase your new speedy!!
  9. Purchase from a store. Nothing beats the thrill of shopping for LV. I have to use Eluxury because I am two hours from the nearest Saks.
  10. I say elux, why spend more on tax and sometimes free shipping too is offered. I go to to the boutique to try on bags, I don't see what the big deal is, what the 'experience' is, I'm in it for the best price and it's the same quality bag whether it's off elux or boutique.
  11. I like eluxury a lot. You have way longer to return (60 days!) to think it over. I also am not a huge fan of boutiques when the SAs kinda watch you shop. It makes me uncomfortable!
  12. Boutique !!!
  13. I'd buy from a boutique!
  14. Any place where they sell 100% Authentic LV :yes:;). which would only be the LV boutique or Eluxury.com

    The boutique experience is wonderful. However, I'm weird I guess..I've gone into our LV boutique a few times over the years just to browse before I ever made a purchase. Always liked the bag but never could justify buying one....LOL. Crazy eh? I've even been in the store with out of town relatives that have made purchases and I never purchased anything for myself although I surely could have....lol. That's what's crazy about it.
    Even crazier is the fact that I made my first (second and third also) purchase (s) from Elux and not the boutique...LOL. I think I'm going to have to purchase my next item directly from the boutique....lol.
  15. Because it will be your first LV purchase, go the boutique. After that, get things from eluxury.com!