Where is the best place to buy FIRST GUCCI?

  1. Hi, Im really interested in buying my first GUCCI bag...but dont know where to start. Im very hesitant to look on eBay cause of all the fakes, are there any good websites or stores that i can get a decent deal on?? Thanks in advance!!!!:smile:
  2. A number of TPFers have purchased authentic Fendi bags from jomashop.com. Their prices are very good but the selection is limited so if you see something you like - you should probably get it quickly because they tend to be out of stock on many items. I suppose it depends on what you are looking for but I would recommend you try them.
  3. are then fendi bags there authentic? The prices seem too good to be true.
  4. Yes, stay away from eBay if possible. As you said way to many fakes.

    I can also recommend Bluefly.com
  5. If I were you, I would get it from the gucci store itself, you get a huge selection and you know their REAL, no doubt about it.IMO
  6. Your first Gucci experience should be memorable. Avoid eBay or any online shops. Maybe Bluefly is ok but very limited selection. I suggest go to Gucci boutique try on styles get pampered walk away feeling proud with your gift wrap, gift box gift bag whole deal. It will remain with you forever. Its worth it!
  7. ITA with the others who recommend you go to a Gucci boutique. The SAs will show you different sizes and shapes and leathers. You will get the REAL "Gucci experience". I don't buy from ebay, too risky. But that's just me.
  8. All of my Gucci purchases are from the 1) gucci boutique/gucci.com 2)Saks
    3) Neiman Marcus
    Don't really trust any other places.
  9. Thanks girls!!! I do agree the experience of buying from a boutique would be memorable, but i reaaaaaaally wanna get a good deal!! My DH just can't see the justification on spending that kind of $$ on a handbag.:sad:
  10. I would also say stay away from Ebay. Too many questionable bags. I tried to purchase my Horsebit Hobo there but go so fed up with the fake ones that I ended up purchasing from gucci.com. The deals on ebay I found that are such a good deal, are always too good to be true. Also its much nicer to have your bag come beautifuly packaged with a box and ribbons when purchasing directly from Gucci.
  11. I agree with others. But if you are truly looking to save some $$$ then I'd suggest going to one of the outlets if you are near one. They are in CA, NJ, & NY. They some discontinued styles and items from previous season. But i'm sure you could find something you'd like. If you aren't near the outlets then I'd suggest Neimans as others have! Good luck and when you purchase please post pics!:tup:
  12. If you don't mind waiting Gucci has sales 2 times a year. Late Nov and late June.
  13. I agree with the most here. I would say go to a gucci boutique or outlet. Or even a department store. At least you know it's definitely real for your first time. Waiting for the sale would be great too. good luck :smile:
  14. I understand needing to get a good deal. Bluefly can have ok prices, but when they get new items they go fast. If you are near a Saks or Neimans you might luck out with a sale and the experience.
  15. I would try Neiman Marcus Last Call as well -- they get new shipments of stuff fairly frequently, and I have bought multiple Guccis bags there for great deals!