Where is the best place to buy Celine online?

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in buying the Celine classic box bag. Other than eBay, where can we buy Celine bags online? Pls share, thanks!!
  2. none that i could vouch for, atm...

    Styledrops & Rafaello Network carry them. authenticity aside, reviews are mixed w/ regards to customer service/delivery/tax charges, you wouldn't want to take the risk...

    someone mentioned that Hgbags might carry Celine soon. something to look forward to -- Erica is well-loved by pfers.
  3. Thanks so much! :biggrin: Any more??
  4. ^^ooh I love them, very nice
  5. yes! they are very fast and have great products, I bought a Lanvin from them earlier this year.
    I really like the Celine monogram bags with the bright colors on their website!
  6. I saw Erica from HGBags sent an email about the Celine mini-shopper in lipstick red. It got snapped up pretty quickly. Does anyone know how much she sold it for?
  7. It was listed for $1295 and gone within the hour! Some lucky duck got it!
  8. What is HGBags?!
  9. I am a new member here. I was wondering where I can find a Celine Mini either online or at NYC. I'm also looking for the prices for the purse so If anyone can help me.
  10. The best place that I have found on line is with Heather. She is a most trusted reseller of Celine bags. I have purchased 5 bags from her - mostly exotics- and she is lovely to work with. http://www.bonanza.com/booths/bloopanda

    In NYC, the boutique is great - Crystal is a wonderful SA.
  11. celine authentic bag? sory I don't speak english.